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Ernest Hemingway was once challenged to produce a six word story. He took his time and thought about it. Eventually, he came up with this story.

Baby shoes.

For sale.

Never worn.

In six little words, Hemingway told us a story about two people who are in love. They were in love so much that they decided to have a child. They waited eagerly to see how many stripes were going to show up on the pregnancy test. Finally, they were going to have a child. Full of hope and excitement, the couple started buying paint, furniture, clothes, and shoes. Excitement and anticipation filled as months passed, but then during a check up, something wasn’t right. The baby wasn’t moving. The baby wasn’t breathing. After a rush of doctors trying to help, there was nothing they could do. In an effort to cope, the couple decided to sell the stuff that would have been the baby’s. The ad said: Baby shoes. For sale. Never worn.

The story I created is about a man who loved a woman for as long as he could remember. He lived and breathed by her side. They raised children together and grew old together. This man always went the extra mile to show his love for his wife. Even during cancer, he would sleep by her hospital bed and lift her drink to her. He would cry and laugh and try to make every moment count. Until the day finally came. The one he has been dreading for what seems like forever.

Timeworn wedding ring.

Come home.


Each and every person reading this has a story. God has blessed you with challenges and victories that other people can only imagine. Your life is meant to show others what loving God through the struggle looks like. My six word story is this:


Something seldom reached.

Left empty.

I have been told my whole life I have potential, but the truth is potential is in the future. Now is a concept potential cannot understand. The future may hold some great things but if I’m going to get there, I have to focus now. It seems like people who tell others about their potential don’t see the fruit they are producing in that moment. I would argue that it is better to encourage someone on the basis of what they are already accomplishing than on the potential of something more. When we encourage people on things they are not doing, it leaves them with emptiness about the unknown. They ask, “What if my future doesn’t look like my potential? What if my future goes beyond your potential?” Do not encourage based upon your expectation of others, but see what they are already doing and encourage them to keep working at that.

This is a part of my story and it may resonate with yours. If not then, what is your six word story? What story has God given you? If comfortable, leave a comment with your story and let’s find the beauty in the struggle.

If you need prayer, please visit the Contact page and let me know so I can pray for you. If you have a message that God wants you to share so others can listen, then visit the Guest Posting page.

For Your Name is my name and my name for Your Glory,

Forever and Ever, Amen.

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  1. Written so beautifully.❤❤


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